2011 Reunions

Summer Reunion 2011

Dionysus House

More than 20 Sensuous Women (house name) of 1973-76, Dionysus House, Magers Hall, came back to NMU during Alumni Weekend, June 23-25, 2011. In the words of their winning 1974 Winterfest statue, they still have that "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar" competitive, fun-loving and warm nature.
The diverse group of women came from different corners of the country and all have their own unique story. Once again they drove to Marquette with a level of enthusiasm and positive energy that was contagious throughout alumni weekend.

Barbara Lash Mueller '75 and Marilyn McCarter Messina '75.
Former roommates Carol Garrett Sherby and Colleen Kenny Caulkins '75.
73-75 Magers Hall Resident Director Karen Spehar Wittkopp '73 observes her husband, Dave Wittkopp, putting on the 8th green of the NMU Golf Course.
Team Wittkopp lost to Team Haepers (Jean Haepers '75, Debra Hussong '75 and Marilyn Messina '75.)
Jean Haepers '75 points to her birdie putt that game Team Haepers the win.
Former roommates Deb Greene '76 and Pam Ensign Geiger '76.
Former roommates Jean Haepers '75 and Margaret Jean Irvine Gable.
Former suitemates Mary Ellen Fediuk '76 and Susan Augustine Reijula '76.
Former roommates Mimi Wirtanen and Trish Monroe Monberg '76.