Our Favorite Professors

Dr. William Ball really went the extra 100 miles to help make sure myself and the rest of the class understood his class. I took his class in political science back in 1992, and at the time was going through some troubles of my own. He went out of his way to spend some one-on-one time with me to help me through my troubles. He was a great help, not only in what he taught but the way he did it was commendable. He really 'practiced what he preached'. Glasses up to you, Dr. Ball!

    Tommy Gage

Dr. Susan Martin-Goodrich inspired me and opened my eyes in so many ways. She was an unconventional instructor (one of the reasons I loved her the most), and such an amazing,  incredibly-knowledgeable individual. Just really an inspiration. If not for Susan, I would have never studied abroad, an experience that forever changed my life and the directions I would choose to go. I can only hope to one day reach out to as many people as Dr. Martin-Goodrich did in her lifetime. Also Dr. Timothy Compton, whose compassionate, one-on-one teaching style helped me push forward in hurdles I faced in Spanish language learning. I was delightfully surprised at how excited Dr. Compton was to hear from me 6 years after my NMU graduation, when I was heading to graduate school for Latin American Studies. I felt like I had just been in class with him yesterday, highlighting the fact that each and every one of his students make just as much of an impact on him as he does on them. I hope to one day become a professor as well, and can only hope to achieve the same successes as Dr. Martin-Goodrich and Dr. Compton.

Cheryl Frei

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