Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my address?
Please visit the address update form page.

How do I know if the Alumni Office has my correct address?
The best way to make sure the Alumni Office has your correct address is to fill out the address update form.

I don’t think I’m getting the Alumni magazine.
Northern Horizons, the alumni magazine, is published three times a year.  To see the current issue, visit the Horizons Web site.  If you did not receive a copy of the current issue, contact the Alumni Association and let us know.

How can I get information about myself published in Horizons?
While we cannot guarantee all information will be published, we do have an online form you can complete updating us on the changes in your life.  These items are published on a regular basis in Horizons, space permitting.

How can I find a former roommate or friend I have lost contact with?
There are a couple of different ways.  First, you should check the NMU Alumni Association’s online community, the Northern Network, and see if they are registered.  If they are, you should find an accurate e-mail address. If they are not listed, follow this link to review our policy on releasing personal information.

How can I find other NMU alumni in my area?
The Northern Network is your best source for networking with alumni in your area and nationwide.  Most areas of the country already have alumni groups formed.  Log in to the Northern Network and check it out.  If there is not a person listed in your area, sign up to be the contact and watch how quickly your group grows.

How can I get a copy of my transcript?
Transcripts can only be requested through the NMU Registrar’s Office.  Follow this link for instructions.

How can I purchase NMU items online?
Visit the NMU Bookstore site.

How can I purchase a Wildcat license plate?
Click here to learn more about the Wildcat plate.

How can I find out about alumni events in my area?
The Northern Network and the alumni Web site Events page both list up-to-date information on programs and events.  In addition, the weekly newsletter, What’s New, NMU? always contains a complete schedule of events.  Make sure you have registered your e-mail address with us so you’re receiving all the latest news!

Can I listen to Wildcat sports online?
Yes.  Broadcasts of NMU athletic events can be heard on 99.5 WNGE. Audio streaming is also available from WNMU and America One/B2.  Video streaming is also available.  To learn more, go to

Where can I find athletic schedules?
Visit the NMU Wildcat Athletics home page at