Alumni Constituent Society


July 2007

Definition – An Alumni Constituent Society (ACS) consists of alumni and friends of Northern Michigan University who have common interests arising out of their academic affiliation (college or department), university-recognized co-curricular activities, common cultural or professional interests as designated by the Alumni Association and who relate to and support the mission of the University through the constituent society.

Purpose – An ACS will exist to serve alumni, the university and the Alumni Association.  Each ACS will have the following common purposes.

  • To stimulate continued interest in the University by alumni. Students and friends;
  • To provide a means for alumni, students and friends of the University to join together for the enrichment of their respective interest groups and the University as a whole;
  • To provide additional avenues for identification and enrollment of members.

Establishing an ACS – Application to form an ACS shall be made to the Alumni Association Board of Directors by filing a petition signed by at least 20 persons who are Alumni Association members and who propose to create an ACS.  The petition must be accompanied by proposed guidelines for the ACS.  A petition signed by less than 20 members may be accepted under special circumstances that the Alumni Association Board of Directors would deem appropriate.

The Board of Directors will consider whether the application and guidelines for the proposed ACS fulfill the definition and purpose.  The Alumni Involvement Committee of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the full board shall take timely action on application.

Upon approval of the application to form an ACS, preliminary recognition of the ACS will be made for a period of two (2) years from the date of the approval of the application.

Formal recognition may be granted by the NMU Alumni Association  Board of Directors after the initial two (2) year period if the ACS continues to meet the purpose and guidelines set forth.

Organization and Activities – The ACS shall operate as an affiliated organization of the Alumni Association.  The ACS shall abide by any guidelines set forth by the Alumni Association and shall take no action in conflict with the mission of the Alumni Association or the University.

A recognized ACS shall:

  • Actively cultivate new members of the Alumni Association as part of its purpose.
  • Call itself an “alumni society” or an “alumni club” (e.g. “The NMU Political Science Alumni Association” or the “ NMU Resident Advisor Alumni Club”).
  • Encourage all participants to be members of the Alumni Association and not charge separate dues;
  • Fulfill the mission of the NMU Alumni Association and of Northern Michigan University;
  • Advertise and conduct at least one meeting or event each year for all ACS members that shows support for NMU;
  • Coordinate with the Alumni Association office to send out meeting/event notices;
  • Conduct fund raising activities only with prior approval from the NMU Foundation;
  • Maintain a membership of at least 20 individuals.

Relations with the University – Consistent with its purpose to serve the mission of the University and the Alumni Association, no ACS shall publish, release or endorse to the public any statement, complaint, or recommendation that conflicts in any way with the policies of the University or the Alumni Association without a disclaimer that its position does not represent the position of the University or the Alumni Association.

Revocation of recognizes status – When requirements of an ACS have not been met, the Alumni Association Board of Directors may revoke recognition and the ACS shall be considered “inactive”.  Member of the ACS shall be notified in writing of the revocation.

Reinstatement – Reinstatement of the recognized status of an ACS may be obtained by fulfilling all of the requirements.