Alumni Achievement Award Winner 2013

William Stark '73

Bill Stark has dedicated his life to education for the past 36 years. He started his career at East China School District where he taught Elementary Music Education from 1973-1975. Bill then took a job at the Anchor Bay School District where he taught 4th grade from 1975-2009. While teaching at the Anchor Bay Schools, Bill has provided a unique learning experience  for his 4th graders. One of his hands-on-learning approaches was to include an in-classroom incubator to hatch chicks.

Children in the class were responsible for caring for the chicks once they had hatched. After chickens, Bill moved on to dogs. Since 2002, Bill has been involved with the organization Leader Dog for the Blind. He and his wife Margaret (Peg) have raised seven puppies that have all gone to 4th grade with Bill. The students are not only educated about this very important organization in the community, they also take an active role in teaching the puppy simple commands and acclimating the dog to being around (and behaving) in groups of people. Over the years he has also mentored several student teachers.