What’s New @ Public U.

Northern Michigan University Fall 2014 Edition

A NEW LOOK: Northern Michigan University is in the process of rebranding, which means that our website and promotional materials are beginning to have a new look. We are working to show the diverse and impressive experiences and opportunities that NMU students are having every day. Curious? Visit the "Why" page to see what the new brand looks like or watch the video that shows students in action academically, athletically and recreationally.

ADDRESSING JOB MARKET NEEDS WITH COMPETITIVE PROGRAMS: At Northern, we're dedicated to offering programs that reflect not only the programs that students are looking for but also the skills that the job market needs. New undergraduate majors to meet those needs include neuroscience, information assurance/cyber defense and paralegal studies. We also have new graduate programs: higher education in student affairs, post-secondary biology education, clinical molecular genetics and applied behavior analysis.

Clinical Sciences is the fastest growing academic program on the NMU campus. “When you couple the estimated 40,000 unfilled laboratory jobs in the United States with our aging society’s increasing need for screening and diagnostic laboratory services, you realize that students graduating in lab medicine will be able to find rewarding jobs in the geographic area of their choice with favorable salaries,” says Cathy Bammert, NMU clinical sciences professor. NMU offers five national AACLS accredited programs and is one of three universities nationwide that offers both diagnostic molecular science and cytogenetics programs. nmu.edu/cls

Weather events such as Super Storm Sandy highlight the critical national shortage for well-trained power grid professionals such as graduates of NMU’s line tech and power technician programs. nmu.edu/tos and nmu.edu/engineering

A growing concern about protecting data and information led NMU to partner with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Administration to create the new academic program mentioned above to fill a high demand for professionals trained in information assurance/cyber defense.

STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITIES: Our Academic Mall looks a lot different with the new classroom building that opened for the fall 2014 semester. Three stories, filled with technologically-advanced classrooms and multiple academic departments available for student access, students are often found getting Starbucks after class or studying in one of the buildings' seven study lounges. See photos of the outside and inside by visiting nmu.edu/newjamrich.

ENGAGED CAMPUS: Northern Michigan University received the 2013 Engaged Campus of the Year Award from the Michigan Campus Compact. Nearly one third of NMU students—more than 2,900—participate in the Superior Edge program, one of Northern’s two nationally recognized leadership programs. Superior Edge is open to all students, regardless of class, major or past leadership experience. nmu.edu/superioredge Northern’s Student Leader Fellowship Program, which is in its 22nd year and annually selects 50 participants for a two-year leadership learning experience, was the recipient of the 2012 Dalton Institute’s Best Practices Award. nmu.edu/slfp

TECH SAVVY: As a campus known for its technological savvy, student opportunities come with that reputation. For instance, Intel has set up a research and development laboratory at NMU that is run solely by students. Senior Matthew Menze turned his experience working in the Intel Lab into an internship at NASA’s Ames Intelligent Robotics Group. There, he worked with a team testing tensegrity design principles on robots and exploratory vehicles. In addition to the Intel Lab, students operate the NMU Help Desk and they played a major role in building NMU’s WiMAX (4G) network, the first WiMAX owned and operated by a university in the United States. All full-time students receive a notebook computer. See details at nmu.edu/technology.

SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITION: NMU’s prestigious Presidential Scholars Competition will be held Nov. 2-3 and 16-17, 2014.  Scholarships range from $500 per year to full rides (tuition, room and board) for four years. For more information, including registration deadlines, go to nmu.edu/presidentialscholars 

MAKE A VISIT: A favorite feature during student visits to NMU is a pre-arranged one-on-one meeting with a faculty member in the student’s academic field of interest...nmu.edu/visit. One way to bring a whole classroom of students to Northern without leaving your school grounds is to set up a virtual field trip. NMU offers virtual field trips on a wide variety of topics. To learn more, go to nmu.edu/careerpathways. Northern covers any connection costs related to a virtual field trip for K-12 grades.