Technology Program - TLC

Help desk employee and a student being helpedWhat does TLC mean to a Northern student? Probably not the same thing it would mean if your parents or grandparents were talking to you! At Northern Michigan University, TLC stands for Teaching, Learning and Communication, and the TLC initiative is the program that supplies full-time NMU students with a mobile device.

More than 9,000 students, faculty and staff are ongoing participants in the program. Each TLC participant receives a current model ThinkPad or a MacBook (art and design majors only); NMU licensed software; walk-in, telephone and e-mail access to the Help Desk for hardware and software support; damage ($50 deductible) and theft ($500 stolen fee) insurance; and pre-configured wired and wireless internet network connectivity.

Students will never have a notebook that is older than three years. The mobile device that is issued to the student will be theirs for three years, which means that you can take it home for the weekend, for school breaks and the summer break.

Want to know more? Start here and read about the vision and history of the program.  A mobile device is a part of everyday life at NMU, and soon it will be a part of yours, too.