Living Off Campus

NorthWind student newspaper meetingAll single undergraduate students must live in university residence halls or apartments while enrolled for classes.  However, this policy does not apply to students who have reached junior status (56 semester credit hours or more), have resided in residence halls for four or more semesters, are 21 years of age or older, reside at home with a parent or legal guardian, are married, have dependents, are veterans who qualify for veterans' benefits by virtue of active service in the armed forces or are taking eight or fewer credit hours during the semester of enrollment.  Students may apply for an exception to the housing requirement by contacting the Housing and Residence Life Office, 906-227-2620.

Transfer students not required to live on-campus have the option of living on-campus or off-campus.

The following websites are available to assist students in their search for off-campus housing.

  • NMU's Dean of Students Office maintains a list of off-campus housing.  This site is updated weekly.
  • Marquette's daily newspaper is called The Mining Journal. To view a list of rental housing, click on "community," then "classifieds," and then make a selection under "rentals."