studying in a dorm roomLiving on campus and attending NMU also means learning about yourself and others in a community rich with opportunity. That's why residence life takes on new meaning here.

Your life at NMU won't include a room that feels lonely and cold. Instead, you'll find yourself in a vibrant place full of friends. You can start planning your room today with our interactive residence hall room.

Next step: Sign-up for housing using the residence hall application. Be sure to fill out the preference sections, because we use them to match you with someone based on the information you provide. If you want to live with someone you already know, just tell us and we can take care of it. If your preferences change over the coming months, no problem. Just return to the online residence hall application and change them.

Residence Hall Application

  • Online reservation system - The online reservation system is being upgraded to better serve incoming students.┬áThis upgrade will take place between Monday-Tuesday, April 21-23, and the online reservation system will not be available during this time. If you would like to apply for housing using a paper form that can be mailed to the Housing and Residence Life Office, please visit the Printable Form link below.┬áThank you for your patience.
  • Printable Form - Select this option for a printable version of the residence hall application. You can submit your deposit payment by check. Other printable forms for housing are available, as well.
  • Request that a residence hall application form be mailed to you.

If you are over 21 or of junior class rank or higher, you may want to consider the convenience of living in an NMU on-campus apartment. For more information on apartments or residence hall living at NMU, visit the Housing and Residence Life website. Note: You can obtain off-campus housing information (updated regularly) from the Dean of Students Office.

Please note NMU's housing requirements. In addition to registering for housing, please be sure to register for orientation.