Wildcat Wire July 27, 2015

All of us at Northern Michigan University hope you are having a wonderful summer.  The locals and tourists are enjoying their summer activities in Marquette, too. People are walking, biking and in-line skating all over town. The beaches are filling up with sun worshippers, volleyball players, cliff jumpers and sand castle makers. Hopefully you've made it up to orientation and gotten to experience this for yourself.  And just think, next month you’ll be packing your stuff to join us here!

Fearless in the Face of Study Abroad: Always dream of taking on the world during your college career? It's never too early to talk to your Advisor or the Study Abroad staff. Check out this amazing experience Jake Lamons had in Costa Rica on a NMU Study Abroad experience.

Not Too Late: It is not too late for you or your friends to join us at NMU this fall! Even if you haven't attended orientation, you can still start in the fall. We offer a make-up orientation running August 19-20. Is something standing in your way such as finances, transportation, etc? Please contact our office so we can see if there is any way we can assist you. If you are not planning to come this fall, please let us know that as well. We are able to change your application date and save you from needing to reapply. We can also advise you what courses to take on your path to being a Wildcat. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Official Communication for the Family: Not that the Wildcat Wire isn’t official, but sometimes parents, guardians and grandparents are just not convinced that a six-foot tall cat named Willy can provide all the important information about what is going on at NMU. To fill that need, President Erickson, as those who have gone before him, writes his own newsletter called the NMU Parent Partnership. This is a great source of information for those who want to know about the many aspects of our university. The Parent Partnership returns from its summer hiatus and resumes publication shortly. Share the link with those in your household that would like to be in touch with NMU while you are here.

Transcript Reminder: This is your friendly reminder to visit the records office at your most recent school now that your semester is over. You must have a “final official” transcript sent to the NMU admissions office. This final transcript will complete your application file and will enable us to verify your eligibility for any additional scholarships.

Money Matters: Make sure to check out our online payment system. Now that you've attended orientation, you should be checking your NMU e-mail and Mynmu on a regular basis. Our online payment system, along with our payment plans, offers you and your parents options for paying tuition and fees and housing charges. The "easy pay plan" allows you to spread payments over the course of the two semesters.  The "deferral payment plan" is designed for students who are expecting, but have not yet finalized, financial aid awards or other tuition payment methods by the tuition due date. The e-bill system will streamline the entire process and allow you to view and make payments to your accounts online. More detailed information on these programs will be sent as tuition and fees deadlines near, but you can familiarize yourself with these options by visiting www.nmu.edu/paymentplans.  Please visit www.nmu.edu/tuition for more information.

Note About Financial Aid: Have you recently received an e-mail from the NMU financial aid office asking for additional information?  If so, please submit this information as soon as possible to help avoid delays in your financial aid being awarded and credited to your bill.  If you have any questions about what the financial aid office is requesting, you can call us at 800-682-9797 to speak with a NMU financial aid counselor.

How to Pack: Wondering what to bring to college?! Let me start by saying you can always bring something later if you decided you needed it. And the NMU Bookstore, Target, Walmart, Shopko, Walgreens, etc carry just about anything else you might need. But, you will not be able to raid mom's junk drawer when you want something. Research shows some of the most overlooked college packing items include: Chip clips; disinfecting wipes; can opener; mug; a few utensils; batteries; an extension cord; glue; stapler; hole punch; paper clips; scissors; white out; bandages; beach towel; sunscreen; umbrella; and a fan. For those that are wondering, you can link to the information on lofts, NMU's to bring list, and Housing's FAQs. Keep in mind as you are shopping: The majority of freshmen residence halls have extra long beds. The only two halls with regular sized mattresses are Halverson and West.

Another Ending: That’s it for this Wildcat Wire. Please enjoy the remainder of your summer. We look forward to seeing you on campus in August. Contact us at admiss@nmu.edu or at 800-682-9797 if you have unanswered questions or concerns.