Wildcat Wire March 14, 2014

Welcome to the March edition of the Wildcat Wire newsletter. Well, NMU's spring break is over and Northern students can see the light at the end of the tunnel – seven more weeks until the end of the school year. However, there are still plenty of events happening on and around campus. Check out the NMU website to see what kinds of things take place right up until the end of our school year.

Where's Willy? Willy can be found in his hard hat touring the new Jamrich Hall, which is currently under construction. It is located between Hedgcock (where the Admissions Office is located) and the Learning Resource Center. Jamrich will be open when you arrive in August for classes. The new Jamrich Hall will replace the current Jamrich Hall, which is NMU's largest and most used academic classroom facility. It will feature three levels that look out onto Lake Superior, as well as a clock tower, lecture halls, more 25-40 seat classrooms than the current building, and plenty of student lounge areas. Also, Starbucks will move from the LRC to a beautiful, relaxing space within the new facility. You can learn more at www.nmu.edu/newjamrich.

Making reservations: Everyday, more and more future Wildcats are registering for summer orientation sessions and submitting their housing and roommate preferences. How do you get in on all this? First, dust off that Welcome Packet you were sent and then log on to www.nmu.edu/welcome. You'll need to enter the identification number (your NMU IN -- see below) from the admission letter and then you are ready to go. If you can’t find your NMU IN, you can contact us to send you another copy of your admission letter. For those who would like to complete these forms on paper, give us a call at 1-800-682-9797 and we'll have the forms mailed to you.

Some Reader Questions:

What is an IN? It stands for “identification number.” Your NMU IN is part of a program to help prevent identity theft crimes against our students by not using Social Security numbers. Your IN is used for forms, student ID cards and other university services.  (Social Security numbers will still be needed by some departments such as Financial Aid.) It’s a good idea to memorize your IN now. You'll be using it a lot when you're a wildcat!

How can I find a job at Northern? I have two words for you: Career Services. The Career Services office helps students find employment both on campus and off. It also hosts job fairs (similar to college fairs). It's where you want to go for help as you prepare for the BIG job search when you near graduation. The office will assist you by taking you through resume writing and interviewing skills workshops. Check out the link above for current student job listings. More jobs are listed as we get closer to the fall semester. There will be more information on student employment and open positions at your orientation session.

How is my financial aid applied to my bill? First, your aid award is applied to your tuition and fees balance. Then, if you are going to live on campus, any remaining aid is applied to your housing costs. You will be billed each semester for the amount not covered by your financial aid. In cases where your financial aid award is more than the total amount due, an overage check will be issued to you during the first month of the semester for the difference. For more information on NMU payment plans, please visit payment plans.

First Year Experience coming soon: NMU offers a First Year Experience program that helps freshmen adjust to college life. If you are accepted in good standing, you will be able to register for a course block when registration begins Monday, March 24. If you were accepted under probation or some other status, you will be placed into a block that best fits your admission status. You can learn more at First Year Programs.

Did someone say fluffernutter? Dining Services on campus goes above and beyond the usual fare to host a variety of events, including Fluffernutter Day. Other favorites among the students include National Pie Day, Hunter's Feast, National Cotton Candy Day, Pigstock and Chinese's New Year. With 11 food service locations on campus (2 main dining facilities, the Jacobetti Satellite cafeteria, 4 restaurants, 3 coffee bars, and 1 snack store), you are certain to find lots of things you like. Keep in mind that as freshmen living on campus, you will be on the constant meal plan. This gives you unlimited meals in the Marketplace and/or Wildcat Den. It also includes $300 in dining dollars that can be used at the other nine locations throughout the year, as well as eight guest passes for when your friends and family visit.

Do you have academic questions?  A lot of your academic questions are going to be answered at summer orientation when you meet with your academic adviser, schedule classes and talk with professors. But what if you just really need to know something now? Tap into NMU’s award-winning virtual adviser. The virtual advising program offers information on a variety of topics from classes and majors to future job trends. Visit academic advising for more information. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, call 1-800-682-9797 and we'll be happy to help.

Looking to connect? For those coming into NMU as freshmen (or even transfers wanting to connect), check out the newly created Facebook Group- NMU Class of 2018. You will be glad you did!

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