Wildcat Wire June 20, 2014

Finally, summer is here! Just when the excitement of your high school graduation (or maybe earning your associate degree) has begun to die down, the excitement of heading off to the next challenge begins to pick up. For you, that means joining us on the campus of Northern Michigan University. While you are busy thinking ahead about coming to NMU, we are busy getting ready for your arrival. The Housing and Residence Life crew is cleaning and painting residence halls and apartments. The Orientation staff is helping students with tours, meetings and the all-important academic advising and class scheduling. The grounds crew is cutting, planting and pruning to make sure everything looks good for your arrival. When you get here, you’ll know you are where you are meant to be.

Coming to NMU: Wondering when you can move into your residence hall?  Unless you are coming early for a sports team or marching band, the first day of the residence hall contract/first day to move into a residence hall is Thursday, Aug. 21. This will give you a few days to settle in, design your room and get your books before classes start on Monday, Aug. 25. And speaking of books, remember that once you have your schedule, you can preorder books online here. You’ll be glad you did!

Living @ NMU: Speaking of moving your stuff into the residence halls, the Housing and Residence Life website is full of great information about living on campus. Check out the "what to bring" lists, read about the "feel" of each hall and check out the photos. NMU’s Dining Service also has plenty of great information to check out including CBORD (a system where where nutritional information is available online to help students with allergies avoid food problems and expand the food selection in the Marketplace and Wildcat Den), NetNutrition (that allows students to look up the nutritional value of the food and look at each product/prepared dish's ingredient label), special events, and our Taste of Home recipe contest.

Muli Bwanji?: Your first year at NMU is not too soon to start planning your study abroad adventure. Our students send greetings from Zambia. NMU students spent a month exploring parts of South Africa this summer under the leadership of Dr. Alec Lindsay.  Aside from checking out the Victoria Falls and a four day experience with a local family, students were able to do things like take zebra photos to computer analyze individuality in striping patters or collect fecal matter for Ungulates for a parasite study. They even encountered a world renowned scientist that has studied Zambia's giraffes for thirty years. Needless to say, Willy the Wildcat will not seem the same these Zambassadors after what they have experienced.

Too soon to retire: For many high school athletes, your sports career may seem to be nearing an end as you move on to college. However, if that competitive urge isn’t ready to be packed away then pack it up and bring it with you. Northern offers intramural sports for those who want to stay active, compete and have some fun with fellow students. If you want to compete against students from other colleges around the Midwest, sports clubs might be the way to go. Sports clubs are partially funded by the university with the remainder being paid by the participants or raised by the team. For information on these opportunities, visit www.nmu.edu/recreation

Important dates:  While the NMU calendar is always available online on the NMU home page or at www.nmu.edu/calendar, there are times when a few reminders are in order. For new students and your parents, here are some things to mark on your calendar:

  •    Tuition and fees for the fall semester will be due in early August.
  •    First day of classes is Monday, August 25.
  •    First day students can check into your residence hall is Thursday, August 21.
  •    Homecoming Weekend is September 26 – 27.
  •    Family Weekend is October 17-19.
  •    Winter break is December 13- January 12.

Summer in Marquette: Just can't wait to get here? Don't. There is plenty going on in Marquette during the summer for those who are still undecided about their vacation plans. Here is just a sample of activities:

  •     The Lake Superior Theatre, also known as the Boathouse Theater, for summer shows.
  •     The Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council schedule can be found at www.vistatheater.org.
  •     International Food Festival at Mattson Lower Harbor Park is July 3-5.
  •     The annual  Hiawatha Music Festival is at Tourist Park is July 18 - 20.
  •     Art on the Rocks will be held July 26-27.
  •     The Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic is Aug. 9. Look for NMU at the race.

Until you’re on campus: Two more Wildcat Wire newsletters to go (July and August) and you will then be reading The North Wind  student newspaper for your on-campus news and notes. In the meantime, do not let any of those unanswered questions or concerns nag you all summer. Contact the Admissions Office at admiss@nmu.edu, or at 1-800-682-9797, so we can guide you through those last remaining steps to get you here. Then you can enjoy the summer sun knowing that everything is ready for the start of your college adventure in August.