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This site is intended for learning more about current student experiences. Ambassadors are prepared to answer questions about their personal NMU experiences. Use the filters to find a Wildcat that shares your interests and click their picture to ask a question! If you have specific questions about the admissions process or policy, please find your admissions counselor and contact them directly.

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  • Why did I choose NMU?
  • What’s something unique about your major?
  • What advice to you have for a new student at NMU?

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Name: Susan
Home State: Michigan
Major: Writing
Involvement: Leadership, Religious/Spiritual, Study Abroad, Student Organizations, Housing and Residence Life, Outdoor Recreation

Northern has some of the best programs in the nation for both my Writing major and Photography major, and it's rare enough to find a school that has just one of them. NMU is home to so many amazing and kind people and is located in one of the most beautiful places I can think of (both architecturally and nature wise) (we have state and national parts all over the place!). I know that if I had gone to any other school, I wouldn't be who I am today nor where I am today. Northern has shaped me into a leader, has led me to be outspoken and to fight for what I believe in. It's strange to think that I was the quiet girl in the corner in high school.


Name: Brooke
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Speech Language and Hearing Sciences
Involvement: Leadership, Student Organizations, Housing and Residence Life

I love NMU for all of the great opportunities offered to students. I was a Freshman Fellow which means I got to do research with a professor. I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence needed for my professional career here at Northern. Along with all of the great academic opportunities, I am surrounded by beautiful scenery that allows for an escape from classes. I love that I can do homework at the beach!


Name: Allison
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Public Relations
Second Major: Pre-Law
Involvement: Leadership, Student Organizations, Honors Program, Club Sports, Housing and Residence Life

NMU has given me the opportunity to connect with other students from around the country in one of the most breath-taking places in the United States. As a pre-professional student, I have gained immense knowledge in the classroom, and through student organizations on campus, I have grown as a person. Attending events on-campus and in the Marquette community is also one of my favorite parts of being a student at Northern. Marquette has become my home, and I hope it'll become yours too. Remember: every day is a great day to be a Wildcat!


Name: Ryan
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Neuroscience/Behavior and Cognitive
Second Major: Integrated Science
Involvement: Leadership, Religious/Spiritual, Study Abroad, Student Organizations, Honors Program, Intramural Sports, Housing and Residence Life, Outdoor Recreation

NMU combines the close connections and sense of community of a small university with the opportunities and status of a large university. I've been able to create authentic relationships with diverse people and learn valuable academic knowledge and skills in my courses all while exploring wild and exciting places. I've truly developed a sense of purpose and happiness in my time at NMU.


Name: Aaron
Home State: Michigan
Major: Political Science
Second Major: History
Involvement: Leadership, Religious/Spiritual, Student Organizations, Honors Program, Housing and Residence Life, Varsity Sports

Northern has given me an incredible opportunity to enjoy my college experience while earning a fantastic degree. I have great professors and really appreciate the small class sizes. Everyone at NMU is so friendly, helpful, and welcoming. Northern provides a nurturing and stimulating academic environment, with so many connections to be made. Marquette is an incredibly unique and wonderful place to live and explore, with no shortage of things to do. Northern Michigan University was absolutely the right choice for me.


Name: Sadie
Home State: Michigan
Major: Neuroscience/Cellular and Molecular
Second Major: Chemistry
Involvement: Leadership, Religious/Spiritual, Student Organizations, Honors Program, Intramural Sports

The opportunities at Northern are unmatched. Whether it be the amazing connections made with professors in the classroom or the opportunity to simply explore the outdoors, this university has offered me so much more than I had ever imagined. Every aspect of the atmosphere is completely inviting, making NMU the perfect place for me to explore who I am and where I would like to be in the future. I have been able to develop my passions for both the sciences and the arts while simultaneously discovering new interests and passions. While my future is relatively uncertain, it will undoubtedly be amazing based on my experiences thus far!


Name: Taylor
Home State: Michigan
Major: Marketing
Second Major: Biology
Involvement: Leadership, Student Organizations, Club Sports, Intramural Sports, Housing and Residence Life, First Generation, Varsity Sports

I LOVE Northern Michigan University because it is small enough to feel like a warm and welcoming campus, but still large enough to provide a wide variety of different degrees and career opportunities. NMU also has excellent facilities, staff, and professors dedicated to helping each student on their path to success. Another great thing is that class sizes are small so you know your professors and it is easier to meet other students! Personally, Northern has helped me grow intellectually, socially and has strengthened my leadership skills. I couldn't be more grateful. In no time, Northern will become your home away from home as it has for many other students. So what are you waiting for?


Name: Carly
Home State: Michigan
Major: International Studies
Second Major: TESOL
Involvement: Leadership, Music, Study Abroad, Student Organizations, Honors Program

I came here as an undeclared student unsure of what to look for in a school, picking Northern in no small part because of the location- it's gorgeous and it's around 7 hours away from my hometown. Now that I'm here I've really come to appreciate the small size and the unexpected opportunities. I have had all my professors know who I am and be able and willing to help me when needed. I have been consistently surprised by the opportunities available - never expecting to be in a leadership program or to be learning how concerts are run in a student organization.


Name: Liz
Home State: Michigan
Major: Criminal Justice
Second Major: Dance
Involvement: Leadership, Student Organizations, Club Sports, Housing and Residence Life, First Generation

Everything from the small classes, to the nature, to the opportunities that Northern have supplied has made NMU home. I love the idea that I can go on a hike or walk to the beach after class. The connections I made with other students and staff members because of the smaller class sizes are amazing, caring and long lasting. Northern has opened so many doors for me and truly is my home away from home.


Name: Bailey
Home State: Michigan
Major: History
Second Major: Sociology
Involvement: Leadership, Diversity, Housing and Residence Life, First Generation

Coming to Northern was the best decision I ever made. I have gotten so many opportunities and made so many memories here! I started out as a shy Freshman and over the last three years I have grown into a confident and involved student, and I really credit NMU for this transformation! In my opinion, the best thing about Northern is the amazing faculty. They are always available and happy to answer any questions! The ability to get to know and establish relationships with professors and other faculty members has really made NMU special to me. Getting to be on a first name basis with the heads of the departments I'm majoring in is really unique and a big deal for when applying to Graduate Programs.


Name: Zachary
Home State: Texas
Major: Psychology
Second Major: English
Involvement: Leadership, Student Organizations, Intramural Sports, Housing and Residence Life, First Generation, Varsity Sports

NMU is so inviting and welcoming to not just me, but to everyone. The professors are helpful and understanding to you and want to succeed in your work as well as strive for greatness. Northern has opened many doors for me and has blessed me with countless friends and people that understand me for who I am.