Compare - Wisconsin Students


Wisconsin Students

Tuition and required fees
Room and board
Less NMU Scholarship
$ 21,292
$ 20,292
$ 19,292
$ 18,292
$ 17,292
$ 16,292
University of Wisconsin, Madison
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin,    
Eau Claire
University of Minnesota, 
Twin Cities**

NMU's National Academic Award and Wildcat Achievement Awards Levels I-V are automatically awarded, regardless of need, to full-time first-year students (also known as first-time/full-time or freshmen), based on grade point average and test scores. These are renewable each year with maintenance of a minimum NMU GPA. Transfer students also qualify for awards. See details about these and other merit-based and need-based scholarships.


Estimated costs based on 16 credits per semester and residence in a 2-bedroom, 4-person suite and a constant dining pass or equivalent

Wisconsin resident tuition rates compared to NMU's non-resident tuition rates.

*Tuition and fees may vary depending on student's major or college

**In-state rates shown for University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.