Apply by Student Type - Dual-Enrollment

Students take an exam onlineApplicants who are still enrolled in high school and wish to be enrolled in NMU courses prior to high school graduation are considered dual enrollment applicants and may be admitted, provided the student has demonstrated consistent, excellent academic achievement. Local school districts have their own requirements regarding approval of students seeking to pursue dual enrollment. Students should contact their school counselor or principal. Additionally, the following requirements must be met for admission as a dual-enrolled student at NMU:

  • Applicants must have completed the 10th grade of high school and have achieved a minimum 3.00 grade point average.
  • Applicants are limited to taking eight credits per semester and must meet course prerequisites.

To apply,  the “Dual Enrollment Permission to Enroll Form” must first be completed and accepted. This form is available from the Admissions Office and online. You will then be provided enrollment information.

Dual enrollment students wishing to attend NMU as degree-seeking students after high school graduation do not need to reapply for admission. Write or call the Admissions Office to let us know you’d like to continue at NMU.

High school students planning to enroll during the summer may be eligible for our Summer Scholars Program.


Dual Enrollment Application Instructions

  1. Apply - Complete the application for admission form.
  2. Application FeeApplicants may pay the $35 application fee online, or by phone (1-800-682-9797 or 1-906-227-2650) or may mail a check or money order. Application fee waivers and exceptions may be available.
  3. Permission Form -  The dual enrollment--permission to enroll form form tells your high school and NMU which course(s) you will take as a dual enrolled student at NMU and that doing so is OK with your parent or guardian. Refer to MyNMU for a course schedule to choose the course(s). You and your parent or guardian must sign page 3 of the permission form.
  4. Submit  - Submit the dual enrollment--permission to enroll form with all parent and student spaces filled out to your high school guidance counselor or principal along with the blank high school counselor form.  If you wish to pay the $35 application fee by check or money order, ask your high school guidance counselor to include these items in the completed application package and high school transcript when it is submitted to the NMU Admissions Office.

Dually enrolled students who wish to attend NMU as a new degree-seeking freshman after graduating from high school will not need to submit a new application for admission. Please call or write to the NMU Admissions Office to inform us of your intent and submit a final high school transcript and ACT or SAT test scores (if not previously submitted).