Kevin Stulz

Kevin Stulz -Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Hometown: Detroit, Mich. (Although I have now lived in Marquette longer than I lived in Detroit!)

Personal/professional biography: I have a bachelor of science degree in English from NMU, and a master's degree in training and development also from NMU. In the past I have written for a newspaper, sold computer equipment and worked in the insurance industry, but college admissions is where I belong.  I started in the admissions office as an Admissions Counselor and am now the Associate Director. Every day still feels like the first day on the job because there is always something new going on. I am based on campus in Marquette, but I also get to travel a little for admissions events, getting to see new places and meet new people. During vacations I continue to travel with my family (my wife, two children and a dog) as we go camping all over the country. We have been through eastern Canada, up and down the U.S. east coast and to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Some of our best trips, however, are spent within the Upper Peninsula; fishing, exploring the lakeshore and just relaxing.

Favorite Marquette activity: NMU hockey games in the winter, cruising around in the boat during the summer!

Most memorable college experience: I loved being a student at Northern! It seemed like a new adventure everyday, but if I had to pick one experience it would be teaming with the guys of Cobra House and playing broomball. We never got around to winning that final game and claiming the grand prize of a championship t-shirt, but we did make it to the semi-finals one year and to the championship game the next year. (I guess making the Dean’s List was pretty memorable...)

Best advice you received regarding college or would give someone else entering college: There are times to play hard, but there are times to work hard, too. If you do the work up front, the play time will be much more enjoyable! Trust your instincts; you’ll know when it’s time to play or time to stay.