Transferring from Bay College to NMU

antique compassWelcome to your adventure at Northern Michigan University. To make your transition from Bay College to NMU easy, your transfer admissions counselor, Darren Widder, will be there to help every step of the way.

A NMU Admissions Counselor will visit Bay College in Escanaba 3 times each semester and Bay West once per semester!

Check the schedule and choose a date, make a personal appointment that fits with your schedule.   Less than 60 Google map Escanaba to Marquette miles to your future!

Head north on 41, and in less than an hour and a half, you'll be at the heart of Northern Michigan University. Sure, it's farther from home than you're probably used to, but the experience you'll have at Northern is worth the trip. View Google map.



The smart money's on you. You saved some money by living closer to home and earning college credits at Bay College. A four-year school is more expensive than a community college, but NMU is still hard to beat--we're the second-least expensive public university in the state of Michigan, and we're the only one that equips every full-time student with a notebook computer. See some of the other reasons NMU is such a great value.


Get Out and About

Marquette Mountain Overlook

Whether you've taken most of your Bay College classes in Escanaba or Iron Mountain, you know how beautiful the U.P. can be. At NMU, you'll find even more natural splendor, and there are always lots of things to do in and around Marquette.