For Guidance Counselors

Daniels-Gerri_13_2.jpgWelcome and thank you for visiting our resource pages for counseling professionals. Whether you are providing counseling services at the middle school, high school, community college level or in your community, we appreciate your connection with Northern Michigan University. Please consider a visit to NMU sometime soon; we'd love to have you as our guest on our bus trip weekend or personalized visit (links at left).

"Change" seems to be the operative word in our world, doesn't it? Here are some informational items that might be helpful in your world.

Use technology to "visit" NMU: You or your teachers may want to consider an electronic field trip (associated with career pathways) for your students.

Summer Academic Camps:  We are expanding our menu of summer academic programs for high school students. Our environmental science camp was a hit in 2014 and 2015 and we plan to offer it again in the future.  Programs related to coding and exploration of the social and cultural aspects of the Upper Peninsula were added in 2015, and we anticipate additional offerings each summer.

High School Grade Point Averages:   For admission and scholarship purposes, NMU will use the overall cumulative GPA reported on the high school transcript. If a high school computes more than one GPA (e.g. weighted and unweighted), we will use the higher of the two.

New Scholarships--You and your students can view scholarships or predict merit awards based on an individual student's academic criteria using our Net Price Calculator.

NMU Application for Admission and Counselor Form--We welcome counselor comments regarding students applying to NMU, but they are NOT required.  You may submit the eSSR through Parchment/Docufide or through a letter or school form, but not providing this does not delay the admission decision.  If you feel there is information to share that could impact the admission decision (issues that have impacted the student's grades or test scores or course choice), we encourage you to submit the eSSR or call or e-mail me or your NMU admissions counselor.

Financial Hardship/Application Fee Waivers--If you are working with a student who wishes to apply to NMU and for whom the $35 application fee would cause financial difficulty, please know we consider requests made via standard fee waiver request forms such as College Board, NACAC, or high school forms verifying financial status.

As always, please let us know how we can strengthen our partnership to serve students.

Gerri Daniels
Director of Admissions or 800-682-9797or 906-227-1464


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Even though you may be hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away, it's easy to get connected and explore NMU. With a click of the mouse, you can see what's happening on Northern's campus.  Stream live from webcams placed in various locations on campus.  View videos and photos of NMU facilities. Or, check out the latest Wildcat news and events.

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