WSU MedStart at NMU

WSU MedStart at NMU

MedStart is a unique Bachelor of Science/medical degree program. It is collaboration between Wayne State University’s School of Medicine (WSUSOM) and Northern Michigan University (NMU). MedStart students complete their bachelor’s degrees at NMU, in the majors of their choice, and within the pre-med advising program.

There are two positions available to high school seniors (incoming first year students) each year. A committee at the Wayne State School of Medicine will select two students from a group of NMU-selected finalists. The two students selected will be guaranteed admission to Wayne State University’s School of Medicine (but are not obligated to enroll there) as long as continuation criteria (see below) are fulfilled.

This highly competitive program trains medical innovators and creative thinkers. Preference is given to applicants from medically underserved areas (rural or urban) that may have an interest in becoming a primary care physician and working in such areas.

NMU MedStart students gain medical observation experience through assignment to a physician in the local medical community. Students are also invited to attend Friday noon-hour physician seminars at Marquette General Hospital, and will have the option to spend an expenses-paid, five-day visit to the Wayne State University School of Medicine after completion of their junior year. MedStart students also enjoy all of the benefits of NMU’s renowned pre-med program.

MedStart Continuation Criteria

While at NMU:
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative NMU GPA of 3.50*
  • Complete
    • One year of general biology with lab
    • One year of general chemistry with lab
    • One year of organic chemistry with lab
    • One year of physics with lab
      *including a minimum 3.50 GPA in science courses and grades of “B” or higher in NMU courses required by Wayne State University School of Medicine.
  • Actively participate in NMU premedical activities, including Pre-professional Club and hospital seminars
  • Demonstrate continuing activity in volunteer work related to health care
  • Submit scores from the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) following junior year. Students should attain a minimum score of 24 with at least an 8 in the Biological Science section.
  • Apply to Wayne State University School of Medicine through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) and its designation of special programs

MedStart Eligibility and Application Process

MedStart Application Deadline - High school seniors should submit all items to the NMU Admissions office by February 1.

Minimum criteria for MedStart consideration:

  • High School GPA of 3.5
  • ACT composite score of 28 or higher or SAT combined score (math and critical reading) of 1240 or higher

Application Steps:

  1. Complete NMU admissions application process by mid-January
  2. Complete and submit the Application for WSU MedStart at NMU by February 1, including:
    • a written explanation of your experience (e.g. describe the amount of time devoted to the activity) in:
      • High school extracurricular activities and/or employment
      • Leadership
      • Team activities (e.g. athletics, debate)
      • Community service
      • Health care
    • a one-page typed essay describing why you are pursuing MedStart and why you should be considered
    • two letters of recommendation, as follows:
      • one from a high school teacher/counselor/administrator who is familiar with your extracurricular activities, team and/or leadership skills
      • one from a non-family member who can address your health care experience, community service, and/or employment

MedStart applicants must first apply to and be admitted to Northern Michigan University. Please note that all correspondence related to your MedStart application will be directed to the e-mail address you list on your MedStart application.

Students who complete the MedStart application process by the deadline and meet the minimum requirements will be considered for an interview at NMU. Following the NMU interview, finalists will be selected to interview at Wayne State University with representatives from the School of Medicine. WSUSOM will make the final selection of two students to attend NMU as MedStart students.

Applicants who meet the minimum MedStart GPA and ACT/SAT criteria will receive one of our freshman scholarships and may compete for additional funds, including a four-year full-ride scholarship, through our Presidential Scholars Competition held in the fall for high school seniors.

For more details about WSU MedStart at NMU, contact:
    Rob Winn, interim premedical adviser, at or 906-227-2340 or,
    Gerri Daniels, director of admissions, at or 906-227-2650 or 1-800-682-9797.