Signing Up For Classes

students at computerIf you've been admitted and have signed up for an orientation session, you are eligible to register for courses. Find the accurate student description below for information on how to sign up for your first semester of classes at NMU. 

Freshman Good Standing

If you're admitted in good standing and this is your first time coming to college, you will sign up for a block of classes through the First Year Experience program. These blocks are organized by academic major. Information about the First Year Experience program and a list of blocks, if they are available, can be found at If you are unsure about what major you would like to pursue as a student, you are welcome to choose a block that sounds interesting or choose an undeclared block. 

Freshman Probation or College Transitions Program (CTP)

If you're admitted as a freshman in CTP or freshman probation, your FYE block will be determined at orientation. When at orientation, you will have the opportunity to take the COMPASS test, and your block of classes will be determined based on your score. Learn more about freshman probation or CTP.

Transfer Student

If you are a transfer student, once you complete orientation online or in-person, you are able to sign up for classes as soon as registration opens for all students. Once orientation is completed, you may work with your academic adviser to register for classes. Or, please call the Academic and Career Advisement Center at 906-227-2971. 

Re-entry Student 

If this is not your first time attending Northern, you likely have already participated in orientation and may sign up for classes as soon as registration opens for all students. For help with registration or with any holds on your account, call the Student Service Center at 906-227-1221.