Section 1.5

Welcome to our Results page.  By selecting any link below, you will find specific results from the data sources within the Inquiry Brief.

Throughout the RESULTS sections,  any and every link pertaining to student teaching evaluation forms will disaggregate data by the term (e.g., Fall 2006, Winter 2007, etc.) provide an aggregated compilation (e.g., Fall 2006-Winter 2008) and allow readers to choose from the following three program options:  Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education.

Throughout the Student Teaching Evaluation Indicators data reporting P = Proficient; I = Improving; and, B = Basic.

Claim # 1: NMU teacher education candidates demonstrate proficiency of the Entry-Level Standards for Michigan Teachers (ELSMT)

     Student Teaching Evaluation Data

     Application Data

Claim # 2: NMU teacher education candidates integrate technology into their teaching and learning.

     Student Teaching Evaluation Indicators

     ED 483: Educational Media and Technology Grades

     Samples of Faculty and Student Use

Claim # 3: NMU teacher education candidates graduate with a foundation in the liberal arts and subject-matter knowledge.

     Student Teaching Evaluation Indicators

     Monitoring Grades in Liberal Studies and in Major/Minor Coursework

     Michigan Test for Teacher Competence (MTTC)

Claim # 4: NMU teacher education candidates demonstrate a foundation in pedagogy to promote student learning in diverse field experiences.

     Student Teaching Evaluation Indicators

     Grades in Professional Education Coursework

     Field Experience Evaluations

     Diverse and Extra Opportunities

Claim # 5: NMU teacher education candidates demonstrate caring and are committed to being professional educators.

     Student Teaching Evaluation Indicators

     Statement of Concern Data

     Dismissal Data

     Extra Opportunities for Student Involvement

Program-wide Surveys and Evaluations

     MDE Teacher Preparation Performance Candidate Survey and NMU Alumni Survey

     MDE Teacher Preparation Performance Supervisor Survey

     Survey Open-ended comments

     MDE Teacher Preparation Institution Performance Score