2.1. A Internal Audit

While attending a TEAC workshop in March of 2008, the NMU TEAC coordinators developed a schematic that identifies the processes in place to support the claims we make in our Brief. The claims we make about our program and teacher candidates are rooted in the solid liberal arts background they receive, candidate immersion in the profession throughout all phases of their program, and the quality relationships we have with our P-12 schools. In this appendix we describe how we audited those assertions through our quality control system.

Standards of Capacity for Program Quality

     4.1: Curriculum

     4.2: Faculty

     4.3: Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies

     4.4: Fiscal and Administrative

     4.5: Student Support Services

     4.6: Recruiting and Admissions Practices, Academic Calendars, Catalogs, Publications, Grading, and Advising

     4.7: Student Feedback