School of Education, Leadership and Public Service TEAC Accreditation


This electronic document serves as the NMU Inquiry Brief 2008. Readers can navigate this document through the electronic table of contents (i.e., the left-hand menu). Our Unit Endorsement Statement, our Inquiry Brief Authorship Statement, and our Program Checklist for the Inquiry Brief are linked below.

In particular, our Inquiry Brief contains the following sections: Introduction; Program Overview; Claims and Data Sources; Findings; Discussion; and Appendices. More specifically, the sections of this document establish the claims we make as a teacher preparation program and the evidence we use to support these claims. The inquiry brief describes each individual data source used to monitor student and program progress, the findings from the data source, and the discussion of the findings.

Further, the Appendices provided identify: our quality control system, the results of our internal audit, faculty capacity and qualifications, program requirements, additional evidence not provided in the Brief, and copies of local assessment instruments.

We hope you enjoy reading our NMU Inquiry Brief 2008.


The Unit Endorsement Statement

Inquiry Brief Authorship Statement

Program Checklist for the Inquiry Brief