Program Checklist for the Inquiry Brief

Program Checklist for the Inquiry Brief

Please submit this checklist with each draft during formative evaluation. After the Brief has been declared auditable, submit a final version of this checklist with the final version of the Brief. Please remember to sign and date the checklist each time you submit it.

Requirement for the Brief

Where in the Brief?

1. We identify the author(s) of the document.

 Inquiry Brief Authorship Statement

2. We provide evidence that faculty approved the document.

The Unit Endorsement Statement

3. We give an account of the history of the program and its place within the institution.

NMU History

4. We provide demographics of program faculty and students, broken out by year, by “bundled” programs, and other factors.

Appendix B, Appendix C,Claim 1 Findings

5. We state our claims explicitly.

Overview and Rationale

6. We address all components of QPI (1.1-1.3)

Overview and Rationale

We address all subcomponents of QPI:
o learning to learn (1.1-1.3)
o technology (1.1-1.3)
o multicultural perspectives (1.1-1.3)

Overview and Rationale

Claims are consistent with other program documents.

Yes. Woven throughout the document.

7. In the rationale, we link our assessments with
o claims
o TEAC goal, and
o program requirements.

 Overview and Rationale

8. We describe the overall design of our assessments, including sampling, controls (if applicable), goodness of fit.

 Overview and Rationale

9. We provide at least two measures for each claim.

Methods of Assessment

10. Every measure includes reliability and validity information.

Claims and Rationale

11. Our findings are related to every claim, and we offer a conclusion for each claim, explaining how our evidence supports the claim.

Findings= Results

Conclusion= Discussion

12. We describe how we have recently used evidence in making program decisions, improvements, and changes.


Appendix G

13. We provide a plan for making decisions concerning program improvement based on evidence.


Appendix G

14. We meet the conditions of the internal audit: a model of the QCS that addresses 4.1-4.7; and a report approved by faculty.

Appendix A

15. Our QCS includes a plan for researching links between student learning and 4.1-4.7.

Appendix A

16. We provide an appendix that describes faculty qualifications.

Appendix C

17. We provide an appendix that describes our program requirements.

Appendix D

18. We make a case for institutional commitment to the program.

Appendix B

19. We make a case for sufficient capacity to offer a quality program (4.1-4.7).

Appendix B

20. We list all evidence (related to accreditation) available to the program.

Appendix E