Provosts Student Leadership Team

In 2010, the Provost’s Office established a new advisory team for students, the Provost’s Student Leadership Team (PSLT). The PSLT is a diverse group of select students nominated by various departments that serve to advise the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs on issues that are of a concern to students on campus. The team meets periodically throughout the semester to discuss these issues with the Provost.

The selected 2011-2012 PSLT members are:

Justin Brugman
Major: Political Science

Kayla Chapman
Major: Nursing

Evan Clendening
Major: Management of Health and Fitness

Bailey Franklin
Major: Secondary Health Education

Cassandra Hastings
Major: Physics/Pre-med

Taylor Johnson
Major: Public Relations

Daniel Klim
Major:  Mechanical Engineering Technology

Kayla Lahti
Major:  Finance and Economics

Morgan Raether
Major:  Secondary English Education

Jian Sha
Major: Master of Arts in English

Betsy Trudeau
Major:  Sports Science