College Transitions Program

girl readingThe College Transitions Program (CTP) serves students who show strong potential for success but don't meet Northern's admissions requirements. These students are enrolled at the university under conditional status.

The CTP is designed to help dedicated students get through their first semester at NMU successfully and give them the tools necessary to complete a degree or certificate program. Strong commitment is a must to be successful in the program. Meeting with your adviser, participating in assessment activities, following your educational plan and achieving a minimum grade point average must be priorities.

Upon entering Northern, CTP students are required to sign a Freshman Probation Agreement. The FPA outlines the requirements CTP students must meet during the semester.

All students will be assigned an adviser. Most advising for the College Transitions Program is done by the Academic and Career Advisement-Jacobetti Complex staff, but a number of faculty from other departments also advise CTP students.

Your adviser can offer assistance ranging from academic, personal and career counseling to providing financial aid information. Your adviser can even help you find a tutor, study group or a workshop on campus that will present you with additional strategies to help you meet your academic goals.

You can see your adviser as often as you like, but you will be required to see him or her at least three times a semester. You can contact the Academic and Career Advisement/Jacobetti Complex staff to get answers to questions or assistance in dealing with the university. Call 906-227-2283 if you have questions or check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Study/Class Assistance
Most students need assistance sometime in their academic careers. We provide tutoring, study groups and supplemental instruction.

Career Guidance
We will help you choose a major and career path that works for you. Your adviser will help you through the first stages of career exploration.

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