First Year Experience

First Year Experience (FYE) Program

FYE is designed as a shared learning experience for first year students to help successfully manage the transition to college and to help set a solid path towards degree completion.  The goals of the program are to help students: 1) develop strategies to maximize academic success; 2) become familiar with campus resources; and 3) cultivate positive relationships with faculty, university staff and other students.

All first-time, full-time undergraduate students are required to participate in FYE, with some exceptions, including Global Campus (online only), part-time, transfer, non-degree, certificate, diploma, and the following associate degree students: Automotive Service Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Climate Control Technology, Computer Numerical Control Technologies, and Industrial Maintenance Technology.

The goals of FYE are met through the delivery of two main components: a blocked schedule approach and enrollment in a common support course, entitled UN100-Freshman Seminar.  Both components are required as part of the FYE Program.

FYE Blocked Schedule or “Blocks”

FYE blocks are pre-built course schedules for the initial semester of enrollment that are related to a student’s academic major.  Approximately 20-25 students are assigned to a single block and enrolled in the same courses.  Major courses, general education courses, and the UN100 course are typically included in each block.  The blocks are developed in consultation with academic departments and professional advising staff and are intended to allow students to easily make acquaintances, form study groups, share notes, etc.

FYE staff assign students to blocks after their orientation registration is confirmed and usually before students arrive on campus for orientation.  The blocks and the courses therein are finalized during orientation after meeting with the assigned academic adviser.  Blocks are full-time, complete schedules.

NOTE:  Substituting courses within a block is typically not allowed; to change courses within a block defeats the purpose behind a blocked schedule, namely, a shared learning experience.  That being said, it is still sometimes necessary to substitute courses, with FYE staff and adviser approval, for coursework completed elsewhere, advanced placement credit, etc.

UN100-Freshman Seminar

The UN100-Freshman Seminar course focuses on the academic strategies, resource knowledge, and social networking necessary for first year students to make the transition to college life.  The course is designed to empower students with the life skills necessary for success in college.  UN100 is a two-credit course required for all FYE blocks and counts towards graduation as general elective credit.  The common course objectives for UN100 include:

  • Academic
Students will explore ways of learning, retaining, and relaying lecture or textual material.  They will develop skills in written and oral communication.
  • Resource 
Students will be introduced to and become users of campus and community resources.
  • Career
Students will engage in career exploration and/or confirmation activities.  They will gain an understanding of academic and career planning.
  • Personal/Social
Students will develop connections with their seminar instructor, teaching assistant (if applicable), peers, and others. They will develop increased self-awareness and use this knowledge to assist with planning for the future. Students will be introduced to the diverse college environment.

Sample FYE Block

The following is a sample block for a criminal justice major and includes a description of why the particular courses were selected for the block.  The sample depicts a typical block of 14 total credit hours.

Course ID

Course Name (Credit Hours)



Introduction to Criminal Justice (4)

Required first course in major.


College Composition I (4)

Meets the first portion of the Written English Competency requirement for graduation; meets one of two required courses in Effective Communication component of General Education Program.


Introduction to Psychology (4)

Recommended by Criminal Justice department; meets one of two required courses in Scientific Inquiry component of General Education Program.


Freshman Seminar (2)

Required for all FYE blocks.

FYE Mission Statement

The mission of the First Year Experience (FYE) Program is to enhance student satisfaction, persistence, and success.  Through various programs, FYE staff are committed to working collaboratively through the university community to provide students with opportunities to succeed academically, to adjust to college life, and to become familiar with university and community resources.