Don Faust (Mathematics and Computer Science) gave 10 invited lectures last semester in Indonesia. The islands and institutions he visited were: Bali, Ganesha University of Education in Singaraja; Java, Indonesia University of Education and Pasundan University in Bandung, Gajah Mada University and the State University in Yogyakarta and Brawijaya University and the State University in Malang; Borneo, the State University in Palangkaraya; and Sulawesi, the State University in Gorontalo and the State University in Manado. The titles of his presentations were “The Boolean algebra of the syntax, and the topological space of the semantics, of languages of first-order logic,” “Observations concerning logics better suited for artificial intelligence,” “An explorationist synthesis of analytical philosophy and postmodern philosophy," “Teaching and learning: explorationist perspectives” and “A new and better foundation and teaching methodology for the CALCULUS:  using infinitesimals and the hyperreal number system.”

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