Adriana Greci Green (Center for Native American Studies) presented “Contemporary Quill Art Traditions: Contextualizing the Production of a Market Art” at the 16th Biennial Conference of the Native American Arts Studies Association in Norman, Okla.

April Lindala (Center for Native American Studies) presented "The Indigenous Narrator: Radio Announcers within Native Films" at the eighth Native American Symposium and Film Festival held in November at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Several feature films purposefully utilize a radio announcer as part of the narrative. These include Smoke Signals, Edge of America, Hank Williams: First Nations and Older than America. Lindala's presentation explored the specific role of the radio announcer within these films.

Beverly Matherne (English) was one of seven poets featured at "Langages poétiques et poésie francophone en Amérique du Nord" (Poetic Languages and Francophone Poetry in North America), an international conference held at York University in Toronto, Canada. At the banquet of the conference, she performed her blues poetry in French, with guitar accompaniment; read from her new book, Lamothe-Cadillac; read poems by Francophone poets from Louisiana; and spoke on a roundtable titled "Poésie francophone et multiculturalisme en Amérique du Nord" ("Francophone Poetry and Multiculturalism in North America").

Kia Jane Richmond (English) presented "Focusing the Kaleidoscope: Reading Portfolios, Responding to Authentic Writing, Revising Ourselves" at the annual convention of the National Council of Teachers of English Nov. 20 in Philadelphia, Pa. She collaborated on the presentation with NMU student Marie Westman, an elementary education-language arts major. Richmond also worked as a session host and information booth host for the NCTE local committee at the conference.


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