Alumnus' Parents Volunteer for Move

Many parents are on campus this week, helping their children unload their belongings and move into the residence halls. Jim and Deb Glazier from downstate Grandville have joined them. But here's what stands out: the Glaziers made the long drive by choice, not necessity. They have no children currently enrolled at NMU. The couple simply decided to volunteer their services as a way of giving back to the university that provided a "tremendous experience" for their son, Nikkolas, who graduated in May 2008.

The Glaziers were eager to spend some time and share their story with other families new to the university. This is the first time, to our knowledge, former NMU parents have been willing to step up — and travel so far — to assist others with this annual task.

The couple today helped students move into Spalding Hall, where Nikkolas once stayed. To give an indication of their opinion of NMU, here is what Deb wrote in an e-mail when she inquired about volunteering:

"Jim and I continue to be so completely impressed with NMU! We have always 'tooted your horn' whenever we've had the opportunity and will continue to do so. Our son's experience (in four years!) and that of Jim and I was just perfect. In fact, we would love to be of some type of service to the university, if possible.

"Do you allow former parents to help with the move in of students in the fall? We would be most happy to travel once again across the bridge to help that weekend. Or, if there is anything else that comes to mind that we might be of some assistance, just let us know. We consider NMU one of the best in the state and beyond ... always the personal touch!"


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Updated: August 20, 2009

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