Employees Reach Retirement, Years-of-Service Milestones


Walter Anderson, School of Technology and Applied Sciences    

Gregory Beukema, Learning Resources

Janet Biolo, Financial Services

Mary Bourdeau, Continuing Education

Dennis Cieslinski, Plant Operations

Gloria Clocklin, Nursing

Lucille Contois, Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Karen Davis, Human Resources

Steven Foulks, College of Business

Michael Hellman, Facilities Operations

Kathleen Johnson, Dining Services-University Center

Tom Koval, Plant Operations

Paul Kero, Plant Operations

Bennett Klein, University Center

Meredith Kulisheck, Mathematics/Computer Science

Robert Kulisheck, Political Science

Linda Meldrum, Health Center

Thomas Meravi, Engineering Technology

Michael Molby, Plant Operations

Robert Myers, Mathematics/Computer Science

Yvonne Niemi, Registrar

Carl Pace, Facilities Operations

Richard Parmenter, Plant Operations 

Cheryl Perroud, Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports

Marilyn Robbert, Registrar

Alan Rose, English

Cynthia Schwartz, Academic & Career Advisement Center

Karen Smith, Degree Units

Thomas Sullivan, Sociology/Social Work

Lynne Sundblad, Human Resources

Cheryl Turton, Nursing

John Weting, International Programs

Phyllis Zaenglein, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences 

40 Years:


Donald Dreisbach, Philosophy

John Hubbard, Art and Design

Russell Magnaghi, History

Terrance Seethoff, Arts and Sciences

35 Years:


Mary Anderson, Nursing

Frederick Jakobcic, Dining Services

Michael Kuzak, Bookstore

William Leete, Art and Design

Daniel Leppanen, Printing and Mail Services

Norma Miller, Upward Bound

Debra Williams, Bookstore

30 Years:


Kristine Bartkowiak, Health Center

Robert Davidson, Criminal Justice

Lynn Enrietti, Plant Operations

Don Faust, Mathematics/Computer Science

Louis Gentet, Housing and Residence Life

Samuel Graci, College of Business

Sharon Harr, Plant Operations

Phyllis Hurley, Human Resources

Irene Ilmonen, Learning Resources Division

Paul Kero, Plant Operations

Jean Kinnear, Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Rebecca Marjonen, Learning Resources Division

Charles Norlin, Plant Operations

Phillip Pezzuto, Plant Operations

Kristen Rasmussen, Admissions

Steve Reed, Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports

Linda Riipi, Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Karyn Rybacki, Communication and Performance Studies

Timothy Schmeltzer, Housing and Residence Life

Susan Schroderus, Financial Services

Bruce Sherony, College of Business

Kathleen Thompson, Nursing

Raymond Ventre, English

Don Wernholm, Housing and Residence Life


25 Years:


Cheryl Andrews, Administration Information Technology/Computer and Support Services

Louise Bourgault, Communication and Performance Studies

Joseph Cherrette, Plant Operations

Benjamin Constance, Plant Operations

Paul Duby, Institutional Research

Peter Goodrich, English

Patrick Jerome, Communication and Performance Studies

Ronald Johnson, English

Harold Martin, Mathematics/Computer Science

Sally Olsen, Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Cheryl Perroud, Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports

David Powers, Mathematics/Computer Science

David Raikko, Plant Operations

Patricia Sarvello, Conference and Catering Services

Jean Schultz, Purchasing

Linda Sides, Bookstore

Steven Villa, Plant Operations

Stan Wright, Learning Resources Division


20 Years:


Michael Bath, Public Safety and Police Services

Anthony Bertucci, Administration Information Technology/Computer and Support Services

Steven Bigalk, Student Service Center

Mark Burns, Plant Operations

Helen Carlson, Dinning Services-Marketplace

Rodney Clarken, School of Eucation

Gloria Clocklin, Nursing

Timothy Compton, Modern Languages and Literatures

Sten Fjeldheim, Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports

Lisa Flood, Nursing

Maureen Heaton, Practical Nurse Program

Ruth Holm, Evaluation Services and Administration to College of Business

Sandra Imdieke, School of Education

Lisa Inch, Dining Services

Joann Jordan, Bookstore

James Juopperi, Administration Information Technology/Computer and Support Services

Cara Kamps, Center for Student Enrichment

Tom Koval, Plant Operations

Robert Leach, Finance and Administration

Raymond Liubakka, Printing and Mail Services

Nicole Norman, Public Safety and Police Services

Stephanie Penhale, Administration Information Technology/Telecommunication Operations

Rhonda Peterson, Academic and Career Advisement Center

Mary Praznik, Health Center

Charles Rayhorn College of Business

David Rice, Public Safety and Police Services

Diane Sautter, English

Rynee Stenson, Student Service Center

Robyn Stille, NMU Foundation

Susan Vadnais, Dining Services

Debbie RVioletta, Academic Affairs


15 Years:


Shirley Brozzo, Multicultural Education and Resource Center

Brent Graves, Biology

Robert Hemmila, Learning Resources Division

Michael Klein, Public Safety and Police Services

Guy LaPlante, Public Safety and Police Services

Yvonne Lee, Technology and Occupational Sciences

Marilyn Libick, Vendor Payables

Claudia Mankee, Financial Aid

Robert Robinia, Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports

Jeffery Roo, Financial Services

Anna Sanford, Nursing

Cheryl Teeters, Health, Physical Education and Recreation 

Bryant Varney, Academic Information Services/INSTR Media Services

Paul Vicenzi, Academic Information Services/Academic Computing


10 Years:


Carol Anderson, English

John Anderton, Geography

Christopher Busch, Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports 

Ken Culp, Mathematics/Computer Science

Michael Falcon, Continuing Education 

 Kurt Greising, Plant Operations

Brad Hamel, Alumni Relations

Martha Haynes, NMU Foundation

Robert Jensen, Printing and Mail Services

Michael Kaurala, U.S. Olympic Education Center

Michelle Kimball, Academic Information Services/Library

David Klumb, Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports

Jeffrey Koval, Learning Resources Division

Christine Larson, Financial Aid

Steven Leuthold, Art and Design

Carolyn Lowe, School of Education

Todd Miilu, Auxiliary Services

Jingfang Niu, Biology

Cindy Paavola, Communications and Marketing

Lori Pelkola, Financial Aid

Andrew Poe, Mathematics/Computer Science

Neil Russell, Physics

Brandon Sager, Engineering and Planning

Leonard Shible, Health Promotion

Roger Strand, Biology

Jane Surrell, NMU Foundation

Cary Vajda, Admissions

David Vandenburg, Technology and Occupational Sciences

Robert Winn, Biology

Jeannie Wratschko, Academic Senate



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