Changes Coming to MyNMU 'Faculty Services' Nov. 24


The “Faculty Services” tab on the MyNMU Web site will take on a new appearance effective Monday, Nov. 24, but its functions will remain intact.

“We’ve been trying to streamline the navigation to eliminate duplicated information and some of the extra clicks required to get to certain pages,” said Felecia Flack (AdIT). “We knew it needed attention and our goal was to make it more user-friendly. It may catch some people off guard at first because it looks different, but I think they will find that it’s self-explanatory and organized more efficiently.”

Instead of clicking on the Faculty Services tab, clicking on Academic Services and then having to click again on Web for Faculty to access academic course and student information, the introductory page (as illustrated in the capture below) will feature a “Web for Faculty and Advisers” channel with direct links to rosters, schedules, course offerings, grades and an advisee list.  A new feature has been added to the Update Holds Advisee List so that it can now be sorted by major. 

Additional channels featured on the introductory page are: My Courses, which facilitates communication with students; Faculty Resources, with links to Academic Information Services, advising resources, AAUP and Academic Senate information; and Academic Feedback, where faculty members can enter mid-semester feedback for students.


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Updated: November 19, 2008

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