Faculty Grants Awarded


Ten grants for faculty research and scholarly activity totaling $66,573 were approved by the faculty grants committee (information updated Feb. 21). The recipients and their project titles are:

•Christine Flavin (Art and Design): “Vanishing Points”

Peter Goodrich (English): “Towards a Global Middle Ages: Thai Language Study and Contrasts Between Classical Age Thai and Medieval European Literature”

•Marek Haltof (English): “The History of Polish Cinema: A Documentary Script”

Akhtar Khan (Mathematics): “Theoretical and Numerical Stability of Inverse Problems”

Se Li (Chemistry): “Application of Quantum Chemistry: Novel Trinuclear Metal Carbonyl CR3(CO)12”

Alec Lindsay (Biology): “Developing Tools to Genetically Assess the Conservation Status of Common Loons (Gavia immer)”

Russell Prather (English): “Multidisciplinary Study of the Poetry and Designs of William Blake”

Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos (Languages): “Debating Women: Early American Educational Reformists”

Katherine Teeter (Biology): “An Analysis of the Movement of Mitochondrial DNA Across a Species Boundary in House Mice”

William Tireman (Physics): “Determination of Radionuclide Concentrations in Dead River Sediments”


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