Single-Sort Recycling Phased In

Northern’s recycling efforts have expanded with a new “single sort” program, which allows acceptable paper, glass, plastic and metal to be mixed in one bin.

“It used to be that you had to keep those materials segregated,” said Carl Pace. “This program makes it easier for collection. When custodians come through, they can put all of the recyclables into one container and deposit them in the appropriate dumpsters outside each building. Waste Management transports the recyclables to facilities in either Green Bay or Milwaukee for processing.”

The program started in the residence halls in August 2007 and is being tested in Cohodas Hall before it is implemented campus wide. Some of the test bins are blue (as pictured), but most will be green with the words: “NMU: We Recycle.”

Acceptable materials include rinsed aluminum, tin and steel cans; glass jars and bottles; plastic milk jugs and bottles; newspapers, magazines/catalogs and phone books; junk mail and envelopes; office and school papers (white or colored); cardboard; brown paper grocery bags; and boxboard used to package cereals, cakes and crackers. Non-recyclables can go in waste baskets.

Pace said Northern’s recycling program started in 1992 and has reduced the amount of material sent to the landfill by nearly 380 tons per year. Single sort is the most recent initiative under the recycling umbrella and represents part of the overall effort to create a more sustainable NMU.


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Updated: January 16, 2008

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