The following papers, all co-authored by Randall Jensen (HPER), were presented at the International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sport at Ouro Preto, Brazil, and were also published in the proceedings journal from the symposium. The paper by E. Flanagan, based on research conducted at NMU during an exchange program from the University of Limerick, won the New Investigator Award. The following co-authors are or were graduate students at NMU during the research: S. Balasubramani, K.C. Burley, B.A. Crockett, D.R. Kaukola, M.A. Kralik and J.A. LaChapelle. Others listed represent the University of Limerick or Marquette University.

R.L. Jensen, S. Balasubramani, G. Brennan, K.C. Burley, D.R. Kaukola, J.A. LaChapelle, A. Shafat: "Power output, muscle activity, and frontal area of a cyclist in different cycling positions."

R.L. Jensen, S. Balasubramani, K.C. Burley, D.R. Kaukola, J.A. LaChapelle, R. Anderson: "Reliability of a digital method to determine frontal area of a cyclist."

E. Flanagan, W.P. Ebben, R.L. Jensen: "Reliability of the reactive strength index and time to stabilization during depth jumps."

B.A. Crockett, R.L. Jensen: "Kinematic analysis and muscular activity of skateboard propulsion in experienced participants."

M.A. Kralik & R.L. Jensen: "Force output and hip movement while flutter kicking with variations of kickboard support."

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