Prosen Shares Vision for Graduate College

Cynthia Prosen was recently named dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Now that she has had some time to settle in to her new position, she said she is enthusiastic about the opportunity and has a clear vision for the future of the college.

 “First, I would like to ensure that our graduate programs are academically strong and appropriate for the needs of learners of the 21st century, as well as their employers,” Prosen said.


Second, because Prosen supports the notion that not all learning takes place in the classroom, she will promote hands-on experiences for undergraduate and graduate students. She will also encourage faculty mentors to share their commitment to research and scholarships with all students.


“I believe that one of my strengths lies in my research experience, and my expertise is using research opportunities to enhance both graduate and undergraduate education at NMU,” Prosen said.


Prosen holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, a doctorate in psychobiology, and a post-doctoral fellowship in auditory physiology. She came to NMU in 1997. Prosen previously taught biology at Michigan Technological University and worked in the medical school at the University of Michigan.


At NMU, Prosen has received several grants supporting her research on how animals hear in noisy environments, and her investigation of hearing in normal and transgenic mice. The latter have had portions of their auditory systems genetically altered.

As of now, Prosen plans to continue teaching and finishing her research as long as her new job allows her to take on these additional challenges.

“I have to be realistic about how thinly I can spread my efforts and still be effective,” Prosen said. “I believe most of my teaching activities will be in the laboratory rather than the classroom in the future.”


As for other goals, Prosen hopes to facilitate the founding of a graduate student organization, explore distance graduate education, and assist people in developing grant proposals.


“I’d like to emphasize that I believe that both parts of my new position—graduate studies and research—can and should enhance the education of our undergraduate students,” Prosen said.



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