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New Jamrich Hall Planning Update

An artist's rendition of what the new Jamrich Hall will look like from the front

The first architectural renderings of the new academic building (an artist's rendition shown above from the front) were shown to the finance committee of the NMU Board of Trustees in September as part of an update on facilities projects. The full board later approved a recommendation that the new building retain the name John X. Jamrich Hall. In June, NMU received state capital outlay funding for the facility, which will replace the existing Jamrich Hall, where more than 40 percent of university classes are held.

The design stage is in its final phase. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2013 and the building is expected to open for fall 2014. The academic building will be located between the Learning Resources Center and Hedgcock and its construction will meet LEED certification standards.

New Jamrich Hall will house four academic department offices. Those relocating to Jamrich Hall will be the sociology, social work and anthropology department; the English department; the math and computer science department; and the criminal justice department.

An artist's rendition of New Jamrich Hall from the back




(An artist's rendition of the new building from the back)


New Location

Below is a picture of New Jamrich Hall's location. Currently, the area is a parking lot in between the Hedgcock Building and the Learning Resource Center. A new parking lot was added directly southwest of the current Jamrich Hall to replace the loss of parking. Compare the new layout with the current map of campus at www.nmu.edu/map.

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A map of campus with the new academic building in place


Jamrich Hall Remaining Construction Schedule                                  

  • January 2013: Submit preliminary design documents for state approval
  • February - March 2013: Submit series of building proposals for state approval
  • May - November 2013: Exterior construction phase
  • November 2013 - July 2014: Interior construction phase
  • August 2014: Full occupancy